Retrieving the past to tell a story. Gianluca Borgna tells us about the Grand Hotel Alassio

Retrieving the past to tell a story. Gianluca Borgna tells us about the Grand Hotel Alassio

Camilla Bellini interviewed Gianluca Borgna, creator of the Lusso Gentile style and young general manager of the Talassio Collection, a group that, after more than five decades, brought back to life the historic Grand Hotel Alassio, an amazing location on the enchanting Ligurian coast. A beautiful story, recovered and renewed. The Talassio Collection has restored a fascinating and historic structure to its former glory, characterised by the liberty style of its façade and its modern minimalist interiors.

Edenpark Firenze’s design for the outdoor spaces of the property

The project aimed to focus a lot of attention on outdoor furniture, and here comes Edenpark Firenze. Francesco Celentano and his team, with the collaboration of Talenti, have taken care of the setting up for the outdoor areas with the stunning umbrellas of Edengarden, in addition to the remodeling of the bar and giving a new look to the outdoor part of the project. An importance of Outdoor for a seaside project, in Liguria where the sun shines for about 250 days per year. Furthermore, it has been the many enthusiastic feedbacks from customers who were particularly surprised by the renovation of the outdoor spaces compared to the pre-Covid period that certified the quality of Edenpark Florence’s efforts.

An inspirational design challenge: a sustainable hotels and beachy design

The great importance for the Talassio Collection is definitely the concept of green, as the group aims to become a kind of virtuous model in creating a sustainable hotel business, in all respects due to the aesthetic and stylistic line of the structure. A structure that can perfectly satisfy different types of targets, from families to professionals who want to “take off their ties, stay relaxed, let go of all the problems”. But Grand Hotel Alassio is not just about relax. The structure is a national reference point also because it’s able to organise experiences to be enjoyed by its customers, thanks to the know-how of a fundamental figure such as the guest experience manager, who is responsible for creating a totally customised route for customers, including boat visits to the enchanting island of Gallinara, but also to Saint Tropez and Portofino, and helicopter flights to the Principality of Monaco.

Read the article written by Camilla Bellini.

To admire the photo gallery of the beautiful Ligurian resort, visit our website page at this link.

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