Teamwork is our strength!

Experienced professionals

Edenpark is not just a showroom, but a place where many different personalities meet, discuss and develop their passions by sharing ideas and impressions.

Our strength is in our staff: a cohesive group of people who can teamwork together is indeed the key to a successful project.

We always put the customer’s initial idea first, then we develop, thanks to our creativity, the planning of a set-up which can meet all customer needs.

Our mission

Our mission is certainly to satisfy the customer who decides to rely on our experience, studying the best ways to make his idea concrete and up to his expectations.

For this reason, after a consultation in which we get to know each other and deepen the needs of those we are dealing with, we start to study the best way to make the project successful.


We have been here for more than 15 years


A team that makes its work a mission to make dreams come true


Our work is also and above all our passion


First of all, a mutual trust between the staff and the customer

The team of Edenpark Firenze

A group of young professionals, a dynamic staff up to any challange.