When we set something to our mind, we do not give up easily at Edenpark.
Following the great response to the training events of the Breakfasts in Eden Park we decided to present a unique event in the Italian scene.

To be. The man, The Architect. Marc Sadler tells his story

Thursday 18th of November at 17:00

It will be a story of Marc Sadler’s unique experiences and his career and professional development, concentrating on the importance of the connections and relationships with his staff and collaborators.

The event will start from the idea of technical topics to the more emotional aspect that is the basis of each of us. In our opinion, listening to Marc Sadler’s experience represents a great moment of Comparison and growth.The meeting will be coordinated by Giorgio Tartaro, journalist and TV author who has been working for a long time on communication projects in the field of architecture and design.

The event, which is already booked out by invitation, can be streamed live on our Facebook page.