Edenpark Florence for Castelfalfi: luxury and design in the heart of the Tuscan countryside

Edenpark Florence for Castelfalfi: luxury and design in the heart of the Tuscan countryside

The Toscana Resort Castelfalfi is a jewel in the heart of Tuscany where is located in the Municipality of Montaione, it is a luxury resort that offers many services. Edenpark Firenze, in collaboration with Resort Castelfalfi and appreciated architectural firm of CaberlonCaroppi, has taken care of managing the outdoor furniture by studying the best solutions to develop an outdoor design set-up that reflects the philosophy and mood of the accommodation structure, which is the related with the beautiful nature of the Tuscan hills.

The selection of furnitures by Edenpark Firenze for the Toscana Resort Castelfalfi

Seats, sofas, umbrellas and gazebos. Edenpark Firenze has relied on the leading brands in the sector to furnish the outdoor spaces of the resort: Talenti, Minotti, Paola Lenti, Kettal, Varaschin, Tribù, Poggesi, Unosider and Edengarden are the reference brands that the company has chosen to convey the mood of the resort, surrounded by greenery and faithful to a sustainable approach, providing organic farming and eco-sustainable solutions regularly certified, as well as pet-friendly.

Edenpark Firenze and Camilla Bellini: together for Toscana Resort Castelfalfi

Camilla Bellini, interior and product designer, as well as a highly followed design blogger, joined Edenpark Firenze to discover the setting designed for the resort, a municipality recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Camilla spent some times in the enchanting location of the Florentine countryside and has narrated with her amazing style of storytelling for a project in which Edenpark Firenze has believed a lot from the beginning.

Read the article which is written by Camilla Bellini.

To admire the photo gallery of the splendid resort surrounded by greenery and the ad hoc choices made by Edenpark Firenze, visit our website page at this link.

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