Eden Talk – Stories of outdoor architecture

20th October 2022, 3 p.m.

Our creativity never runs out!
This is why Edentalk was born today, a new cycle of training events to help architects increase their professionalism and to discuss together the challenges and major changes in outdoor architecture.

In our first meeting we will focus on communication and the importance that the human relationship assumes within a team of architects and in relations with their customers.

The event Edentalk – Stories of architecture in the outdoors will be divided into 4 different moments.

  • 15:00 – Intervention by Emiliano Coppetta – Master Mind
  • 16:30 – Intervention by the Florentine architect Luca Dini of Studio Luca Dini Design & Architecture
  • 18:00 – Intervention by Christophe Pillet, French designer of international fame

The event will be moderated by Giorgio Tartaro, journalist, television author and lecturer who has been dealing with projects for the communication of architecture and design for some time.

An aperitif with buffet will follow.

Event accredited by the Order of Architects of Florence.

Participation will entitle you to 4 training credits.

Register in order to partecipate.

info@edenparkfirenze.it / +39 342 68 33 135

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