The Art of outdoor living: find out how to create your winter space

Do you want to enjoy the outdoor space you created this summer even in winter? In this article we suggest how to do it, suggesting some small tricks that will give new life to your porch, your garden or your terrace.

The coldest season is coming and it’s time to think about how to make our winter comfortable even in the open air, without sacrificing design: with the right stylistic choices, it will be possible to create a truly pleasant outdoor corner where to spend even the harshest evenings.

Let’s start with a nice fire

Nothing is more welcoming (and above all warming!) than a nice brazier that radiates warmth and immediately transforms the atmosphere. The ZERO wood brazier on our website has a combustion chamber closure top – find out all the details here. For pleasant evenings around the fire.

All the charm of basic style

Also for this season, we find the simplicity of a decor that embraces essentiality and minimal and clean design: in our website you will find plenty of furnishing accessories to make your garden a cozy corner even in winter, recreating an intimate outdoor living room or a super cozy and modern living area.

To every winter, its furnishings

On our shop we offer a wide range of furnishing elements perfect for furnishing any type of winter garden: from the seats to the armchairs and sofas, all the accessories are designed to emphasise your exterior space with class and elegance, recreating the perfect moment of relaxation. Whether after work, or after dinner, you can enjoy the warm and relaxing atmosphere of your winter garden.

Accessories: The icing on the cake

What you can never miss in your outdoor space: it’s time to make everything a little more special, illuminating the night with the warm light of one of the beautiful lamps available on our site and, why not, give it a final touch with vases or carpets.

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